Reckless Driving Virginia Points Traffic Ticket Lawyer

A reckless driving conviction in Virginia will result in points that are inevitably going to affect your insurance rates. Whether you like it or not, your insurance rates are going to be hiked at an unbelievable rate after your reckless driving conviction.

You may be someone who has decided to drive on the interstate of Virginia on your way to vacation in DC Metro area or your way to North Carolina or maybe all the way to Florida.

You have every reason to choose to vacation in Virginia as the state is blessed with beautiful scenery and is close to the capital of the United States. The experience of a road trip to Virginia can be special except for the possibly of being pulled over by Virginia Law enforcement for speeding or reckless driving. If you are not a resident of Virginia, then you may not know that reckless driving is a serious offense in Virginia and is not dealt with like ordinary traffic infractions

reckless driving charge in Virginia does not end with the payment of a simple traffic ticket It is far more serious and you can be punished with imprisonment, huge amounts as fine, revocation or suspension of your license and demerit points on your driver’s record. Reckless driving in Virginia means that you have driven in a manner that endangers life limb or property.

Most often people who are convicted of reckless driving are people who are illegally racing on the streets, passing a stopped school bus or other emergency vehicle or drowsy driving. Speeding above 80 miles per hour or 20 miles per hour is also common reckless driving offenses in Virginia.

Reckless driving is a Class one misdemeanor in Virginia. The punishment for reckless driving in Virginia include a maximum fine of 2500 dollars. First-time offenders are usually ordered to pay lower fine amounts between 300 and 600 dollars. For repeat offenders of reckless driving in Virginia, higher amounts are charged.

First-time offenders may be given some consideration by the Court and they may be asked to serve community services as punishment but repeat offenders risk a term of one-year imprisonment.

An experienced attorney would advise you to attend a driver improvement clinic or driving classes to show to the court that you are working on improving your driving skills. One conviction of reckless driving will result in six negative points on your driving record in the motor vehicle department. You may not be aware that getting too many points on your driving record will result in suspension of your driving license.

Mr. Sris has defended over 1000 reckless driving cases and in many cases, he has helped his clients minimize or avoid the points entirely. He is a former prosecutor. C

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