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Clients often wonder whether they should hire a lawyer for a speeding ticket in Virginia or Maryland. There are two types of speeding tickets in Virginia and Maryland — Reckless Driving and a moving violation traffic ticket. If you live in northern Virginia or in Montgomery County or Howard County, chances are you not only have to worry about your insurance rates skyrocketing, but you also have to worry about your security clearance.

Can I afford a Maryland or Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer?

Virginia Traffic Laws

Virginia Traffic Laws

The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. strongly urges a person charged with a traffic ticket to talk to one of its Maryland/Virginia traffic lawyers about representation. More often than not, it is free to talk to one our highly skilled Maryland/Virginia traffic defense attorneys about your moving violation. This will give the client a chance to find out how a Maryland/Virginia traffic ticket lawyer can help you, what is going to happen to you in traffic court and finally the cost of hiring a traffic lawyer to defend you. Most clients are surprised when they find out that hiring a Maryland/Virginia traffic attorney to defend them is really not that expensive, especially when you are facing a charge such as reckless driving.

Calling a traffic attorney will probably take no more than 15 minutes of your time, but that one phone call could save you from a substantial increase in your insurance rate and depending on the type of ticket, especially if it is a reckless driving charge, DUI/DWI, driving on a suspended license or driving without a license, it might not only save you from possible jail time, but if you have a security clearance, it might even save your job. Quiet often, one of our skilled MD/VA attorneys may be able to get a case completely dismissed based on you attending driving school and that it might only cost a small amount of money.

Hiring an attorney for your ticket comes down to a cost-benefit analysis. Does hiring a lawyer outweigh the costs?

Frequently in Virginia and Maryland, an experienced attorney can handle the case without you appearing in court. Depending on where you’re located, it could make a lot of sense to hire an attorney to appear without you to save the time and expense of traveling to court yourself.

An experienced lawyer in VA or Maryland will know what kind of things most judges are willing to do and what they’re not willing to do. For example, clients who live in North Carolina are often worried about a ticket citation that accuses them of going 15 or more miles over the speed limit.

A knowledgeable attorney in VA or Maryland will know that and do their best to amend the ticket to a lesser moving violation if not getting it outright dismissed.

Traffic Lawyers VA MD

For all the reasons above, taking the time to talk to one of our lawyers who regularly defend tickets in Virginia or Maryland may be your best bet to save you from a lot of headaches down the road.

This is especially true for drivers who hold special licenses such as a CDL or a pilot’s license. Call and speak with a lawyer today — 888-437-7747.

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