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A leading cause for deaths and injuries in the state of Virginia are car accidents. Numerous factors influence car accidents, including alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and commonly the carelessness and wrongdoing of drivers. The damage to a vehicle and expenses from medical cover may be of a large cost and the victim may face financial issues as a result of the car accident and the carelessness of the other driver.

Victims of car accidents may want to file a petition against the party that caused the accident and to do so, lawyers may be wanted to represent them and advice them in the best way for the court to rule in their interest and make the other driver to compensate for the expenses.

The state of Virginia has a fault law, meaning that the drivers that are at-fault are considered to be responsible for the injuries and the deaths caused in the accident. There are quite a few options that a car accident victim has, which include the following:

  • To file a claim with his or her insurance company.
  • To file a third party claim with the at fault driver’s insurance company.
  • To file a lawsuit in court to seek compensation for the damages.

Nonetheless, it is recommended that the victim shouldn’t speak with the at fault driver’s insurance company, prior to discussing the case with a lawyer, since the other party can use the victim’s immoral statement against him or her in court and this could cause damage to the case.

Even if the victim in Virginia may not wish to file a lawsuit against the other driver and just claim his or her payment from his or her insurance company, it is suggested that the victim hires a skillful lawyer, as insurance companies may not pay what a victim should initially receive.

However, if one driver may follow rules and drive safely at all times in Virginia, there is no guarantee that other drivers are also submissive and there is always a threat of a car accident. There are several ways in which a car accident may arise and there are also different types of car accidents that may occur, these include the following:

  • Head-on collisions
  • T-bone vehicle accidents
  • Construction district accidents
  • Rear-end vehicle accidents
  • Rollover accidents
  • Lethal car accidents
  • Red light and stop sign accidents

Lawyers recommend that car accident victim should go through the following steps to maximize their chance of getting the best compensation from the negligence party. These procedures in Virginia include:

  • Getting medical care if the victim or other passengers experienced any injuries from the accident. Even if the passengers feel like they are fine, medical checkups should be done, as symptoms may appear later on and not away.
  • Gather important information like the other driver’s name, telephone number, insurance information, license number and plate number.
  • Take photos of the car accident scene, including the vehicles involved and the surrounding of the scene. These photos may verify evidence later in court.
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer.

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