Virginia Reckless Driving Fine Amount Fairfax Attorney

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Drivers receiving their reckless driving fine will come up with some questions. A question that is regularly being asked after receiving a reckless driving ticket is usually about the amount of the fine that they are charged for.

The reckless ticket fines are not pre-payable like the speeding tickets’ fines, but the drivers discover this fact only after trying to prepay their reckless driving tickets. A reckless driving charge is the most commonly charged penalty in Virginia and is considered as a class one misdemeanor. It is treated as a criminal offense. The amount of the fine depends on the jurisdiction. However, the fine of $2,500, which is the highest amount that could be charged, is not imposed on a regular basis by all the courts in Virginia.

The drivers should know that there is a difference between the reckless driving fine and the speeding driving fine. While the speeding ticket fine has a preset fine attached to the ticket, the reckless driving ticket fine doesn’t.

The reckless driving fines vary from court to court in fees and in other additional costs, as a court cost.

Some courts will charge $2000 for exceeding the speed of 90 miles per hour in the places where the speed limit is 70 miles per hour. The same penalty in some other courts will be charged only $200. In places where the speed limit is less than 90 miles per hour, some courts will charge a fee of $6 per every mile over the speed limit, while some other courts will charge $10.

There are a few factors that are involved in the determination of the type of fine. One of these factors is the local court. In some local courts the prosecutors are not involved, but in some others they are. They will try to ask for the actual speed at which the driver was driving at the moment he has was caught and will proceed for a typical fine. This means that the speed is playing a very important role in the determination of the fine. Another factor that is involved in the amount of the fine is the costs of the court. Some courts have higher costs, therefore, the amount could range from $70 up to $86 in some jurisdictions.

In Virginia, the reckless driving fine is the type of offense that cannot be prepaid. The drivers have the possibility to make their payment via credit card. However, upon paying via credit card, it must be noted that there is always a 4% convenience fee assessed in every transaction made. In case that the driver is not able to pay the full amount of his/her fees in the allowed period of thirty days from the conviction date, some courts in Virginia offer a payment plan to help him/her to pay off the charged costs. Depending on the court, some will charge a fee of around $10 whereas various courts would rather require a down payment. Furthermore, the court will suspend the driver’s driving license in case the payments are not made in full by the final date.

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