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Robbery is an extreme criminal offense in Virginia and it could subject the offender to a jail sentence for life.

A punishment of a class one felony is given to the offender if he/she kills a person in a “willful, deliberate, and premeditated” way during a robbery or attempted robbery and it’s also known as a capital murder.

Also, a class two felony is given to a offender if he/she enters a house and attempts robbery with a deadly weapon, which makes him/her guilty of statutory burglary. On the other hand, only a class three felony is issued to an offender if he entered a house and attempted robbery, without a deadly weapon.

Laws of robbery in Virginia:

The taking of another person’s property through beating or striking, any other violence inflicted upon the person, putting the person’s body in a type of harm, firearms, any deadly weapon, suffocation, and/or strangulation in order to deprive the person from his/her property permanently, as stated in the Va. Code §18.2-58. In order for the offender to be convicted, the Commonwealth must prove that the offender took the personal property of a person. Also, they must prove that an actual taking occurred and if there was any intimidation, threats, force, and/or violence, such as the use of a deadly weapon or firearm, while taking the personal property of another person. Additionally, they must prove if a robbing occurred and the offender doesn’t have actual physical control over the property but has any type of control over his/her property. Also, it must be proved that the offender robbed the person with intent to deprive him/her from his/her property permanently. This offender could be subject to at least a five year jail sentence and if not more. As stated in the law Va. Code §18.2-58.1., the taking or “carjacking” is the taking control of another person’s car or motor vehicle with an intent to deprive it from him/her permanently or to deprive him/her of the control of that car or motor vehicle permanently with the use a firearm, any deadly weapon, beating or striking, any violence to the person, harming the person’s body seriously, suffocation, and /or strangulation. If an offender does this he/she could be subject to not less than 15 years or more of jail time.

Penalties for robbery in Virginia (Felony) :

If an offender is convicted of robbing then he/she would have to serve at least five years of jail time and they may even have to serve a full life sentence. Furthermore, if an offender robs a vehicle or carjacks then he/she would need to serve at least 15 years and could also serve a full life sentence. Also, when an offender is convicted of robbing, the conviction will remain on his/her criminal record forever which will make the increase the difficulty of finding a job or staying in a job.

Due to the above-mentioned laws, penalties, and regulations, robbery is regarded as a very serious offense in Virginia.

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