Shoplifting Laws VA 18.2-103 Code Virginia Fairfax Lawyer

In terms of criminal law in the state of Virginia, shoplifting is considered as a serious offense and/or crime and there are strict penalties available as consequences for the act.

The taking or concealing of any goods without paying the full price and/or without permission from a mercantile establishment or store, moving the goods or merchandise from a container to another container, and/or if a person helps an offender do these acts, then he/she is considered to be shoplifting, as stated by the VA code § 18.2-103.

However, if the goods that have been stolen are more than $200, the offender will be convicted of a grand larceny and could be subject to a one to 20 year jail sentence. On the other hand, a petite larceny will be convicted upon the offender if they have stolen something that is worth less than $200 and could be subject to a 12 month or one year jail sentence.

If a device that shields stolen or shoplifted merchandise from detection by an anti-theft electronic alarm sensor is sold, created or manufactured, distributed, possessed, and/or offered for sale, then he/she shall be punished with a class 1 misdemeanor if he/she intends to help a shoplifter steal goods, as stated by the VA code § 18.2-105.2. A class three misdemeanor shall be faced upon a person if he/she removes a shopping cart from the premises, such as the parking lot, without the permission of his/her agent, owner, servant, or employee, as stated in the VA code § 18.2-102.1.

Additional laws for shoplifting in Virginia:

If the stolen goods were at least $50, then the shop owner or merchant can sue the offender two times the value of the stolen goods and if the property can be sold then the maximum that the offender must pay is $350, if the merchandise has been recovered by the shop owner, as stated by the VA code § 8.01-44. The above also is issued to a person if he/she commits employee theft. Moreover, a cost of and not exceeding $150 has to be paid by the prevailing party to the attorney at law.

Penalties for Shoplifting in Virginia

As mentioned above, jail time is a practical penalty for a shoplifter in Virginia but, the time that an offender spends in jail differs due to his/her case. If an offender shoplifts goods or merchandise that is worth less than $200, then he/she will be punished with a class 1 misdemeanor and would have to face a jail sentence of up to one year or 12 months. Also, the offender would have to pay a fine of a maximum of $2500. On the other hand, if the offender shoplifts goods that are worth more than $200, he/she would be sentenced to jail for one to 20 years in jail. Additionally, this is considered as an unclassified felony. Furthermore, the conviction of shoplifting of goods will also be permanent on the offender’s criminal record which will make it much more difficult for him/her to find jobs.

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