What Every Driver Should Know About Speeding in Virginia Fairfax Attorney

The state of Virginia is quite different from other states in the United States of America when it comes to vehicle operating rules. People tend to think that being issued a Uniform Summons is nothing to be worried about and could easily be dealt with by paying a small fee later on. This case may happen in other states but not in Virginia. Most of the Uniform Summons in Virginia are rash operation of a vehicle by speed tickets and are considered a crime in Virginia. This event occurs when a person exceeds the speed of 80 miles per hour or drives faster than the speed limit given through roads by a difference bigger than 20 miles per hour. Any driver, either a resident in VA or someone passing by should know certain rules when it comes to vehicle operating in Virginia. These rules will be mentioned throughout this passage.

One of the most important rules when it comes to vehicle operating in VA is that driving with a speed exceeding 80 miles per hour is considered reckless. This recklessness is treated as a crime in the state and is punishable by several ways. Driving faster than 20 miles per hour than the speed mentioned on street signs is also taken as rash operation of a vehicle.

Any driver should know that the punishment for reckless driving is strict. Fines range from $1000 to $2500 and jail time can extend to one year. Another kind of punishment for reckless driving is a suspension of the convicted person’s vehicle operating license or the suspension of the driver’s privileges to drive in the state.

If by chance, the person is unintentionally caught vehicle operating at a reckless speed, he/she will be given a ticket which will lead to the punishments mentioned above. Every driver should know that by simply accepting the ticket will mean that the conviction will last on his/her criminal record forever. It is advisable to seek a lawyer who has experience in reckless speed cases in Virginia to get the convicted person the best possible defense against the charge available. Sometimes, the ticket given is a normal Uniform Summons which will only need a small fee to paid later on and so a driver, initially, should always check the ticket he/she gets to know if the ticket is serious and needs immediate action or a simple ticket which only needs a small fee to be paid later on.

Every driver that will drive in the state of Virginia has to know that driving rules and limits are stricter than other states. While a certain speed is normal in one state, it is a rash operation of a vehicle speed in Virginia which shows how tough their driving rules are. When considering driving in Virginia, the person should know that the general speed limit is 70 miles per hour and if caught driving above a speed of 80 miles per hour then it will be taken as reckless driving which means that the convicted person is to be fined or found facing jail time. In some cases, the license of the driver will be suspended.

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