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Under Virginia’s laws and regulations, drivers usually face a “less strict” penalty and judgment if they are caught driving under influence for the first time.

License suspension, jail, paying a fine, possible restricted license, possible VASAP (Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program) and the use of an ignition interlock device could be given to a person who commits his first offense in Virginia as a DUI (Driver Under Influence). The penalties that are given to the drunk driving offender are highly dependent on whether there was a minor in the car with the violator when he/she was issued a DUI conviction, on his/her BAC (Blood Alcohol Level) percentage, if damage was caused by the drunk driving offender while he/she was driving, and/or his/her age at that time.

Penalties for First DUI Offense in Virginia

The first DUI offense that a person makes, he/she will be faced with many consequences. Some of these consequences are that he/she would have to pay a fine of $250 to $300 and would be faced with court-ordered restitution. Moreover, a person getting a driving driving charge for the first time in Virginia would also be subject to the suspension of his/her administrative for a week or seven days and this will be added to his/her criminal record.

Additionally, his/her license would be revoked for 12 months or a period of one year. Class one misdemeanor will be issued to the DUI violator if his/her BAC percentage is below 0.15. The DUI violator’s administrative license would be revoked for one year and would have to pay a fine up to $2500.

He/she would also be served with a jail sentence that may go up to one year or 12 months and if the DUI violator’s BAC was between 0.20 and 0.15 percent, then an additional five days In jail will be added. However, an additional ten days of jail time would be given to a DUI violator if his/her BAC was above 0.20 percent. An ignition interlock device would need to be used by the DUI violator if he/she received a restricted license and his/her BAC measured at 0.15 or above. Also, the DUI violator must do the VASAP in accordance with the Virginia drunk driving laws.

Some Additional Penalties of a DUI violator in Virginia

Firstly, when the DUI violator gets convicted his/her car insurance could increase. When a person gets his/her first drunk driving conviction, it could get the person fired and may affect their chances of getting a job since some jobs require the absence of a criminal record or a clean driver’s license. The DUI violator’s driver’s license could be restricted, which allows the violator to only use a motor vehicle for specific reasons such as driving due to medical reasons such as visiting a hospital, driving to work, taking children to school, and/or due to religious reasons and beliefs.

It is of major importance that drivers understand the difference between getting a DUI for the first time and getting DUI offenses on a constant basis.

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